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The Titles Often Have Nothing To Do With The Post

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

With my Live show in hiatus, I decided to devote some real time to getting this website up and functional. I made a deal with myself that if I couldn't get it into a working way by the time the next renewal came around I would not renew. This is my white whale.

I decided I would use the space to tell my story. I am not sure how I want to tell it, how much I want to tell and how long I want to tell it for. All I know right now is I think the time has come to at least try. I ain't getting any younger

What is this about? Why should I care? Is there a money back guarantee?

This, at it's core is a cautionary tale. It's a battle of good vs evil. Right vs Wrong. Paper vs Plastic. I am not unique in my experiences. Some have had it worse than me. It you read and find my stories resonate with you or someone you know and perhaps you struggled to understand that person, maybe this will help you or maybe it won't. You will have to decide for yourself.

The timeline may jump around a little. I will do my best to let you know where or rather when I am in each entry as I think it will help put things into perspective.

I am warning you now. There WILL be language that may be offensive and other which will be uncomfortable. In order to re-tell these recollections with the most about of impact, I may use some of the language used in the actual situation. It may get raw. It will always be kept real. Some names may be changed to protect the innocent and perhaps some of the guilty. This will be a game time decision. If you think a story is about you where I changed your name and you have either a different recollection or something to add to the story, I will set up a form you can fill out to send me your comments. For right now, just gotta roll with it and see where it all leads.

I should have my first post up no later than Dec 24, 2023

Until then... Peace, Love and Lola

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