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The paul report

In 1995, I wrote a newsletter to family and friends on the east coast.  It was a snail mail blog before blogs were a thing.  I called this "The Paul Report".  It was a way to tell many people what was happening with me during my adventure of moving to the west coast.  

In the years...heck, decades since, The Paul Report has become a media giant to countless millions... well I am sure there is a multiverse somewhere this is true.  However in our universe it is just my lil live show I do from time to time to share my thoughts, opinions, humor and thought provoking material to my small but loyal fan-base.  

As of this writing, I have decided to put the live show on hiatus to figure out what I am going to do with this webspace.  I made myself a deal to either get this space used and keep using it or not renew it when the time comes.  


Meet Lola! - The Official face of
The Paul Report

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